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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Preston

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Preston

Instead of spending money travelling alone for an event or holiday, why not consider pooling resources to travel as a group? The Preston 8-seater Minibus Hire and 10-seater Minibus Hire are perfect for conveying smaller groups on such occasions.

Modern Technology, Features and Operations

Our minibuses are manufactured by internationally trusted automotive manufacturers, and come with automated or manual doors depending on the design model. This feature is useful especially if you have person with special needs in your team.

All Preston 8- and 10-seater minibuses record distance, speed and travel time using the tachograph mounted in their systems. This feature has been essential in helping us track the vehicles and provide assistance within the shortest possible time should unforeseen circumstances arise. This technology has made our minibuses a preference for many travellers as it reflects our commitment to clients' safety and satisfaction.

The Preston 8- and 10-seater minibuses also come with front-located engines. This design feature gives the vehicles greater stability and traction, contributing to their safety record.

Identifying the Perfect Minibus to Hire

When looking for minibuses to hire for your trip, it is vital to choose companies that have been around for a while and developed a reputation with previous clients. Such firms always offer comprehensive information about their services, client feedback and experts' professional reviews. We stand out from the rest due to our commitment to taking clients' experience to a higher level. We have the best Preston 8-seater and 10-seater minibuses to ensure that our clients get the best possible trip. Our full maintenance schedules for all vehicles also ensure that clients do not suffer a breakdown during the course of their travels.

Dedicated Minibus Drivers

Our dedicated minibus fleet drivers are the key to our customer satisfaction ratings. Preston fleet drivers undergo a thorough assessment process to evaluate their personality, experience and commitment to duty. In addition, they also undergo progressive retraining to bring them up to date on trending vehicle technologies and how to handle exceptional issues on the road.

It goes without saying that Preston Coach and Minibus Hire conforms to all local authority codes and requirements. Service inspection and maintenance records, as well as local authority permits and licenses, are provided with each vehicle hire contract. This ensures that all our vehicles are maintained in perfect working condition.

Book your travel with us. Rest assured that minibus travel is the ideal way to travel, to ensure a journey that is economical, social, and free of stress.

You can call us right away at Preston Coach and Minibus Hire for information about our company, our history and our fleet of 8- and 10-seater minibuses, and to make your next small group travel arrangements.