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14 Seater Minibus Hire Preston And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

14 16 Seat Preston Minibus Hire

The 14- and 16-seater Preston Minibus Hire fleet offers minibuses which are bigger and can carry passengers travelling to weddings, sports events and various other larger gatherings. They come with such comfort that all passengers thoroughly enjoy the period they spend onboard. The focus of these minibuses is to considerably cut down on travel-associated costs and help travellers enjoy the travel experience together. You can imagine how much you can save by moving your team of 14 or 16 passengers in a minibus, compared to hiring several taxis or travelling in private vehicles.

Design and Suitability of the Minibuses

Total safety of passengers on board and full comfort is the main focus of the design of these large minibuses. The passenger space is maximized, still leaving ample room for luggage. The chassis and body are designed to support the weight of passengers and their luggage, complemented by an engine capacity which supports passenger comfort and safety. Our clients greatly enjoy every travel minute as they negotiate the beautiful streets and countryside of Preston, Lancashire.

The interior of the minibuses are well refined to deliver a sense of class and style. The minibuses come with leather seats, leather fittings, and tinted windows to give passengers greater privacy. Windows are also curtained for added privacy and comfort. You can even book a bus with special lighting for enhanced atmosphere and enjoyment.

Though they come with sufficient ground clearance appropriate for off-road driving, the weight of every minibus guarantees their total stability. The concern of most passengers who inquire about the 14- and 16-Seater Minibus Hire is how comfortably and safely they will be conveyed to and from their destination. Our drivers are expertly qualified and experienced in handling every Preston Minibus.

They pass through a rigorous selection process and are further retrained for handling the modern vehicle automation tests. Our drivers are also trained in customer service skills and will assist you in meeting and exceeding your customer service expectations when you hire our minibuses. Their commitment, courtesy and respect have ensured that many clients come back again. Try us right now for an unforgettable Preston travel experience.

Effectiveness of Modern Technology

Today's travellers expect to engage the services of companies that can guarantee them onboard entertainment systems similar to that which they have in their homes. Our 14- and 16-Seater Minibus Hire vehicles are fitted with up-to-date digital music systems, providing a wide selection of music to your individual taste. This feature, combined with the tastefully-decorated interiors and comfortable air conditioning, makes you want to stay onboard forever. Although the journey must come to an end at some point, you can always come back for more whenever you need to engage the services of a 14- or 16-seater Minibus again.

In addition to our trained drivers equipped to handle these minibuses for utmost safety, our fleet is fitted with modern tracking technology for yet greater security. This technology helps us track and keep record of routes travelled and vehicle mileage. To us, our clients' comfort and safety is first. Should any unexpected issue arise, we will reach you quickly to resolve it, and soon have you safely back on the road.

Our customer care support is open 24/7 to respond to all your enquiries and assist in case of need. You can contact us right now to book the 14- or 16-Seater of your choice from Minibus Hire Preston. You'll be on your way in no time.