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10 12 Preston Minibus Hire

Getting a good deal is what we all want and expect, right? But sometimes you feel you're paying more and getting less. At Preston Coach and Minibus Hire we guarantee the opposite: we give you more for less. We are the experts of the minibus travel industry, and we do it better than all the rest.

Our 10- and 12-seater Preston Hire minibuses are of the highest quality and durability. Supplied to us by globally trusted automotive brand manufacturers, their performance on the road is always reliable and provides the satisfaction you expect. You'll never be disappointed with the quality of our fleet vehicles, or with not having a vehicle available when you need it.

Comfort and luxury is another expectation which we can satisfy. Our minibuses come with several luxury features such as CD/DVD players, drinks machines, LCD screens and reclining seats. These fittings are all for ensuring that you get maximum comfort when journeying with us. We welcome your comments and suggestions for any additional features or refinements that you would like to see included in our fleet of vehicles.

Our minibus services cater for a number of different needs, based on our history of customer requests and requirements. Such services include travel to events such as meetings and conferences, airport pickup and drop-off, and sporting events and competitions. We have all the necessary qualifications and experience needed for providing you with the highest quality service. Trust us: you won't be disappointed.

In addition to the 10- and 12-seater Preston Minibus Hire service we also provide quality extension services. The extension services comprise catering, event booking, taxi booking, accommodation services, hospitality/hotel and flight bookings. Since we understand that you will require all these services when you travel to Preston and its surroundings, we help you to secure the best possible and most trusted options that are available in the region. We help eliminate the need for you to deal with various companies in trying to secure these services. Preston Coach and Minibus Hire is all you need to take proper care of securing all of these services. We have a team of qualified experts who can advise you on all your requirements within the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in this region. We will ensure that you get the best of all services so that you are fully satisfied throughout your trip.

Safety is important to all of us. At Preston Coach and Minibus Hire, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time. We not only ensure that all minibuses in our fleet are properly serviced and well-maintained, we also ensure that we screen and employ only responsible and experienced drivers. Our drivers have been serving Preston diligently for twenty years and more. You can rest assured that with our drivers in control, you will arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. Having perfected our systems, you can expect a trouble-free journey as you travel with our 10- and 12-seater Preston Minibus Hire vehicles.