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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

Our 57-seater Coach Hire Preston coaches offer you the best combination of the most comfortable vehicle amenities, and the very best value per person. They provide you with the best of these features you can get anywhere when hiring a coach for your journey. Our 57-seater coaches offer European-style seats, enclosed parcel shelves, P/A systems, standard Wi-Fi, bigger rest rooms, phone adapters, stereo, power outlets and around 420 cubic feet of undercarriage storage space. They are the natural choice for any large team heading to the big game or looking for adventure. They come with various luxury amenities to specifically make long distance journeys as comfortable, entertaining, safe and enjoyable as possible. Here are some of the many advantages of hiring our 57-seater coach.


Our experience has continued to increase over the decade during which we have provided the people of Preston and environs with the most superior coach hire service. Through all these years we have provided the safest, most enjoyable and most comfortable journey experience. This has been made possible because we use the highest quality vehicles with the latest equipment, and the most experienced and committed drivers. Our quality of stress-free service cannot be matched, irrespective of the size of your group or where you are journeying to, in or around Preston.

Well-Timed Journeys

Preston Coach and Minibus Hire's travel coordinators understand what schedules are all about. As such, they adhere to a far-reaching maintenance plan which ensures that our coaches are punctual and that they remain on the road. They always stay well-informed about the latest construction and traffic delays on Preston roads, thus ensuring that we get you to your destination on time, no matter what.

Transport Relaxation

There are many factors to consider which influence your comfort level when choosing a coach hire service. Coaches can be too hot or too cold, have inadequate leg space, be too small, or have a poorly-functioning sound system, and so on. These irritants all diminish the fun and excitement of your travel. At Preston Coach and Minibus Hire, we provide you with the finest coaches to be found in the industry, to give you the best possible travel comfort. Our engineers and drivers carry out total inspections on the coaches before every departure, to ensure that all systems and mechanics of the coach are functioning optimally before your journey even begins. This is to ensure that no performance issues disrupt your trip and spoil your fun.

Great Customer Support and Service

Our 57-seater Coach Hire Preston coaches are the most economical option you can choose when travelling as a large group to a medium-distance or long destination. They are the most cost-effective per mile transport option. At Preston Coach and Minibus Hire, we offer you the best service you can find within and beyond our community.

We offer you the kind of service you can only expect from a world-class company. Our dedicated and friendly staff will assist you before, during and after your trip. This enables you to journey in confidence since you know you are in the hands of a committed professional driver and backup team who have the skills and resources to give you the best possible travel experience.

You can hire our 57-seater coaches for a variety of purposes. Whether you have a big game that demands an overnight journey, or a large group wanting to explore the town, we will get your tour to whichever destination you desire from dusk till dawn. Just use any of our means of contact offline or online, and our 57-seater Coach Hire Preston will arrive on time to collect and drop off your group at scheduled times and locations.