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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Preston Coach Hire

Preston 49- and 50-seater Coach Hire coaches are perfect for charters of any description. Are you a church or civic group that needs to attend an event? Look no further than these luxury coaches. We support and welcome community initiatives from organisations that get actively involved in their communities.

That is why we continuously strive to provide you with exceptional transport services and the most fantastic amenities. Our 49- and 50-seater coaches offer the space and facilities necessary for making your journey to and from hotels, conventions or casinos a bonding and stress-free experience. They are the most perfect coaches for your group.

The coaches feature TV monitors, DVD/CD players, AM/FM receivers, cassette players, P/A systems, heat/air conditioners, luggage compartments, on-board bathrooms, extended legroom and carpeting throughout. There are several other features which make your journey on our coaches the most exhilarating experience of your life.

  • Our Drivers – Our drivers are the best in the business. We maximize your safety and security by putting them through the most rigorous and extensive training and re-training. That is why you'll always find our drivers to be knowledgeable and friendly. You'll discover that they are always working to ensure every possible improvement in your comfort and travel experience.
  • Extra Space for Your Comfort – Our coaches have ample compartments above and storage below the comfortable seats. These features enable you to bring along all you want on the journey, and even buy some souvenirs on your return journey for those you left at home.
  • Spotless On-board Restrooms – With our 49- and 50-seater coaches from Coach Hire Preston, there is no need to stop so you can find a bathroom when travelling in or around Preston. All executive coaches come with on-board restrooms that are spotless, spacious and fully supplied.
  • Loads of Room – You are assured of spacious vicinity when you travel in these coaches in which it allow you to move around. This gives you the chance to hang out with your friends or family while travelling.
  • Climate Control – Climate control has become a necessary feature in the transport service industry. Our coaches come fitted with air and heat conditioning. This ensures your compete comfort irrespective of the time or season of the year you are travelling. The ability to self-control this feature is an added advantage to your comfort level.
  • The Most up-to-date Conveniences – From iPod hook-ups, cell phone chargers, DVD/CD players, power outlets, P/A systems, AM/FM receivers, on-board restroom, TV monitor to reading lights, our 49- and 50-seater Coach Hire Preston coaches come with all the latest conveniences which make your trip a relaxing, fun, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Every coach has its own selection of amenities, so contact us early to enquire about available facilities in relation to your preferences. This will enable us to ascertain exactly what you want and ensure that the facilities are provided before the start of your trip.
Our 49- and 50-seater coaches are the way to go when you are travelling as a group to any destination in or around Preston. They are the ideal option for you when you have a medium to large-sized group you want to convey in style and comfort.

Do not delay for another minute before booking your trip. Our 49- and 50-seater Coach Hire Preston coaches are the safest, most cost-effective yet most comfortable option for transporting your group.